A historical reference point for naval refurbishment

Founded on 6 June 1898 in Genoa, Italy, Gerolamo Scorza was established to provide carpentry services for wooden ships. After World War Two, the activity evolved from shipbuilding and wood trade to naval refit and refurbishment. In February 1973, the Company was converted into a joint-stock company. Now, 122 years later, Gerolamo Scorza emerged as one of the most recognised leaders in the field of outfitting and furnishing as a general contractor. 

Gerolamo Scorza’s core values have remained the same, a brilliant ability to blend over a century’s worth of craftsmanship with modern production methods, aiming at being in high demand for both newbuild and refurbishment projects.

In addition to providing general refit services, Gerolamo Scorza specialises in designing and installing cabins and public spaces for both the passenger and crew areas of the ship, as well as wall panels, teak decks, doors and all types of furniture. Providing a wide range of services to ensure clients the full furniture construction process from the A to the Z.

Before starting each project, Gerolamo Scorza, which can count on a multidisciplinary and highly-skilled team of 43 people, carries out a feasibility and ad hoc study, then drills down into the finer details of planning and logistics management and develops architectural and engineering drawings.
Next step is the construction phase, where the experienced team uses traditional craft processes and advanced tools and machines to manufacture wall panels, furniture, doors and decking.


The experienced staff is the key factor for the Company’s growth

  • Technical Staff - specialized in outfitting turn-key projects and refurbishment of Public and Crew Areas as well as in the management of Hospital Areas for any onboard passenger ships and other vessels.
  • Engineering Staff - lifelong trained and continuously updated upon innovative technologies and software to improve his job.
  • Workshop Staff - highly-qualified and in charge of the manufacturing phase uses modern CNC machines (section, drilling, punching, bending machines, shears, etc.) and traditional craft processes ensuring very high-quality products.

Gerolamo Scorza, working as Main Contractor in naval outfitting, offers specialized services in:

  • Passenger cabins.
  • Passenger public areas.
  • Crew cabins.
  • Crew public areas.
  • Teak decks.
  • Teak furniture.
  • All kind of furniture.
  • Outfitting on military ships.
  • Private yachts.
  • General refitting.
  • Dry dock works.


Specialized and well equipped workshop

Gerolamo Scorza can produce in its own workshop any kind of furniture, wall panels (Doluflex, Thermax), metal frames for furniture, teak furniture and teak doors and teak decks.

For these processes Scorza uses modern CNC machines (section, drilling, punching, bending machines, shears, etc.) and traditional craft processes that ensure very high-quality products. The painting process is operated in the spray booth in order to guarantee to our Clients the full furniture construction process from the A to the Z.

CNC machines

Gerolamo Scorza offers Clients and Shipyards a wide range of services. In the company’s 6000 sqm headquarter, where traditional production process is combined with high-quality standards, Scorza shows engineering, automation design and manufacturing go hand in hand.

Gerolamo Scorza is equipped with a multi-functional workshop counting on 4.0 Industry CNC machines: 2 Masterwood pantographs, 1 drilling machine, 1 edge-banding machine, 2 panel saws and a top-quality spray booth can ensure woodworking at all stages, from raw material to final product.

The craftsmanship work

Years of experience and modern technology constantly developed at high level are perfectly combined in a rooted craftmanship tradition.

Gerolamo Scorza can count on well trained workers committed to multivarious production stages: from wood carpentry to painting, from welding of metal frames to installation of final products onboard the vessels, retaining the company’s competitive edge.


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