Company process

The project development is carried out by our experienced staff, following precise procedures, defined by the Quality System ISO 9001. 

Our goal is to achieve Clients’ satisfaction through a strong synergy in the Team and a fruitful collaboration with the Owner and the Shipyard. Here following the main steps of the full managing, design and construction process.

Step 1

01. Contact with Shipyard - Owner.
02. Preliminary documentation from Yard for quotation.
03. Analytical work quotation.

Step 2

04. Agreements with Shipyard/Owner and contract signature.
05. Work team creation.
06. Ship program and time sheduling with Shipyard.
07. Documentation from Shipyard.

Step 3

08. Preliminary project definition and preliminary drawings development by Gerolamo Scorza.
09. Mock up production of main areas (in accordance with the Owner/Shipyard).

step 4

10. Project definition - drawings issue in accordance to the architect’s project.
11. Project approval and detailed design phase.

Step 5

12. Development of furniture shop drawings and CNC files for Scorza workshop production.
13. Workshop production.
14. Final product quality control.

Step 6

15. Drawings issue for tender.
16. Procurement of all supplies and works.
17. Analysis of all the documentation (drawings, layout, spreadsheets)

Step 7

18. Start up of the activities on board – Material delivery and installation.
19. Coordination between Head Office and Site Office.

Step 8

20. Delivery of the areas to the Shipyard.
21. Remarks solving and final delivery.

Step 9

22. Issue of As Built drawings at the end of the construction phase.
23. Sample books, certificates and data sheets delivery to Shipyard/Owner.

Step 10

24. Warranty (12 months)
25. Assistance during dry dock works (if required)


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